Boat Insurance

A recreational boat is a large investment. one that you’d hate to lose due to an accident, fire, storm, theft or other mishap. It’s important to protect your assets. The team at GMM Insurance can write a boat insurance policy tailored to fit your individual needs.

What is boat insurance?

Boat insurance protects you against financial loss should your boat be damaged by a covered event, such as fire, theft or storm. For insurance purposes, a boat is a craft with a motor, such as a pontoon boat, motorboat, fishing boat or yacht. Canoes and kayaks are not covered under boat insurance policies, although they may be covered under your homeowner’s or another type of policy. In addition to fire, theft and storm damage, most boat insurance policies protect you against loss if your boat is in a collision with another vessel, especially if people are injured or property is damaged as a result.

The cost of your boat insurance premium depends on a variety of factors, including the size and type of boat you’re insuring, the age of the boat, where you intend to operate the boat and the size and type of the boat motor. Like auto insurance policies, the size of your deductible will also influence the premium you’ll pay.

GMM Insurance has been helping Lexington, SC area residents with their boat insurance needs since 2005. Our mission is to make sure that our clients are well-educated about the products and services we offer and how we can help them. We’ll write any insurance policy, no matter how weird, wacky, or wild it is. To learn more about how GMM Insurance can help you protect your boat and your family while out on the water, contact us today.