ATV / Golf Cart Insurance

The GMM Insurance team in Lexington, South Carolina is committed to helping everyone we meet make better coverage decisions. In fact, we write policies for everything, including the weird, wacky and wild. Our golf cart and ATV insurance policies help you protect your off-road vehicles in the event of theft, accident, vandalism and more.

Here are ten things you need to know about legally operating a golf cart, ATV or other off-road vehicle in South Carolina.

  • A permit is required to operate an ATV or golf cart on public roads in Lexington and all of South Carolina
  • You must provide proof of liability insurance to register the vehicle
  • You must be a licensed driver and at least 16 years old to legally drive a golf cart on public roads in South Carolina.
  • Golf carts may be operated during daylight hours only
  • Licensed drivers may operate a golf cart on secondary streets and highways within 4 miles of the residence or alternative address listed on the vehicle permit application
  • Drivers may cross a road that has a speed limit over 35 mph; however, an ATV or golf cart may only be driven on roads with a maximum speed of 35 mph.
  • The operator must have a valid driver’s license and unexpired permit decal in the vehicle or on their person
  • Sale of the motor vehicle must be reported to the DVM immediately after the exchange of ownership
  • The permit decal must be removed.
  • Liability insurance does not transfer with vehicle ownership.

What Does ATV/Golf Cart Insurance Cover?

Your policy may cover:

  • Damage caused by other people, vehicles or known hazards, such as hail, wind, tornadoes, flood, and fire
  • Damage caused by operator error to the vehicle or to others’ property
  • Bodily injury caused to other people due to the operators’ negligence
  • Collision damage caused by an accident on the roadway

So, our team can help you with an off-road vehicle policy. If you’re ready to get started, contact us to learn more. Our custom insurance policies cover everyday items as well as some of the wildest, wackiest things imaginable.