Personal Insurance

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Whether it’s a hurricane, break-in or a neighbor kid taking a bad tumble, homeowners insurance helps protect your biggest asset – your home. If you need help determining the right coverage for your home, we can help!


Whether you’re a weekday commuter or a Sunday driver, your car is a big investment. When something goes wrong, you need to make sure you can get rolling again quickly. We offer a range of coverage options to meet your exact needs.


You love the open road and the wind on your skin, whether it’s just for a jaunt around town, a quick weekend race or a cross-country trip. Our motorcycle coverage gives you what you need to cover your bike.

Boat & Watercraft

Is it time to get out on the water again? Make sure that your boat, jet ski or other watercraft is covered against the storms that life may throw your way, whether you’re on land or out in the deep sea.


Whether it’s a dodgy roommate or a location that is prone to flooding, covering your possessions against loss helps protect your financial situation from harm. 


There’s always a bit of risk involved when you’re renting a home or apartment to a tenant. Property damage, appliance theft – there are a few different issues that can leave you in a financial bind.

ATV & Golf Cart

Whether you’re hitting the trails or hitting the links, covering your personal transportation helps keep you enjoying your outdoor recreation time and activities. 

Personal Umbrella

Are you just worried about what life, in general, may throw at you? A personal umbrella policy will help cover life’s unexpected twists and turns, giving you solid peace of mind.

Need insurance to cover something unusual? We’re all about weird, wacky and wild coverage! Whether it’s animals, personal possessions, hair – you name it, we’ll find coverage for it in Lexington. Contact us today to get started!