Property Insurance

So many things can happen to your home and property, even when you are meticulous about maintenance and repair. A tree could fall through your roof. The structure could catch fire from lightning or a fluke occurrence like a build-up of dryer lint. Or, your property could be vandalized broken into. It’s impossible to anticipate and prevent all of these happenings. That’s where property insurance comes in.

What is property insurance?

Property insurance helps protect you against a loss caused by fire, theft and things like storm damage. In most cases, your insurance will cover the cost of the loss. You can also get specialized property insurance if you live in an area that’s prone to floods, earthquakes or other regional hazards.

Not all property insurance is alike. Some policies will replace the structure and contents in total. Other generally less expensive policies only offer the fair market value of your property and its contents.  

Additionally, property insurance can give peace of mind, no matter what disaster might occur. 

GMM Insurance is built on the premise of making sure that our clients are well-educated about insurance services and what we can do for them. Further, we’ll write any insurance policy! It doesn’t matter how off-beat or “weird.” To learn more about how we can help you protect your Lexington, SC area property, contact us today!