General Liability

Commercial General Liability Insurance is one of the most common – and, most important – insurance policies your business can have. It can help cover the costs of many claims made against your business, including:

  • Property damage
  • False marketing claims, resulting in personal loss or emotional harm
  • Bodily injury on your property due to negligence or malfeasance

We live in an ever-increase litigious society. These days, people file lawsuits without cause because they hope to trigger a settlement to avoid a lengthy court battle. Therefore, customizing a general liability insurance package tailored to your unique needs and business model is no longer optional. In fact, today, it is essential to protect your assets and your financial health.

The GMM Insurance professionals value relationships with our Lexington, South Carolina friends and neighbors more than anything else. That is why we live by a strict mission statement that says we are committed to “Educating, serving and treating our clients like our own family.” That means we strive to educate the business community so business leaders like you make better-informed decisions.

General Liability Insurance Is Not the Same as Professional Liability Insurance

Personal liability insurance protects business owners against claims associated with a failure to complete a promised job or making errors in a work-product, such as making a calculation error on a tax return prepared for a client.

General liability insurance covers things like the medical bills for a customer who trips over the floor mat entering your place of business. Additionally, general liability insurance also covers charges of slander and libel should a competitor make a claim.

General Liability Insurance Helps With Defending Your Business, Too

General Liability Insurance also helps South Carolina businesses with the cost of defending against legal challenges. In fact, your policy may cover all or part of the cost of:

  • Interviewing and preparing court witnesses (including testimony fees)
  • Legal representation
  • Cost of producing evidence
  • Court-ordered judgments, arbitration and final settlements with claimants

We’ve only scratched the surface of the advantages of creating a customized general liability insurance package for your business. So, contact us today to learn how we can help you protect your Lexington, SC assets.