Business Auto Insurance

Does your business use commercial vehicles? Whether you’re using cars to run errands or semis to transport goods, business auto insurance is what will protect your company from potential peril. 

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

When vehicles are used for business, they tend to be exposed to greater levels of risk. If your business uses vehicles commercially, business auto insurance will protect you from:

  • Liability in the event that an employee gets into an accident.
  • Physical damage stemming from an accident.
  • Medical payments for injuries that occur because of an accident.

Like standard auto insurance policies, business auto insurance may also cover things like uninsured or underinsured motorists. You may also be able to get coverage for events such as your cars being stolen or vandalized. Like personal auto coverage, coverage can be customized to your personal needs.

How is Commercial Auto Insurance Different from Personal Auto Insurance?

Foremost, commercial auto insurance generally has higher coverage limits. If you’re using your vehicle commercially, you’re more likely to get into an accident, simply because the vehicle is being used more often. You may be dealing with clients frequently, and you might have to transport expensive items and equipment. 

Commercial auto insurance can also protect your employees in the event that they’re using vehicles that aren’t owned by your company. If you or your employees are using personal vehicles for business tasks, this can still be covered under a business auto insurance policy. Employees can also be covered when driving vehicles they don’t own, such as for parking services.

Other additions, such as reimbursement for rentals, or reimbursement for vehicle downtime, are also particularly useful for businesses. Business auto policies can be tailored to your business to include only the coverage that you need.

Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

It depends. Are you a business owner, using your vehicle for personal use as well as business use? If so, you may not need commercial auto insurance, assuming that you have enough personal coverage.

But if you own vehicles through your business, you likely need a business auto policy. Further, if you use your vehicle primarily for business, you will likely need a business auto policy.

Are you not sure whether you need business auto insurance? Or, do you want to learn more? Contact us today to get a quote. At GMM Insurance, we’re dedicated to putting the client first — and we have all the insurance products and services your business needs.