GMM Insurance

Writing specialized insurance policies for specific coverage takes knowledge and experience. At GMM Insurance, we specialize in the unusual! We have built our reputation on our ability to tailor policies to your personal needs. Additionally, we are known for our willingness to write insurance that covers even the “weird, wacky, and wild.”

Explore Your Options & Get the Perfect Coverage

Insurance can be complicated. However, it can be easier to navigate with a GMM expert by your side. Because we care, GMM Insurance takes the time to help you assess risks, and to draft the right insurance options. We understand that there is no standard policy that will meet all needs. That’s why we pledge to help our clients find the best options for their individual concerns. 

Count on GMM Insurance in Lexington, SC to fulfill all your insurance needs. Contact us today to find out more!


If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and qualified insurance agent who can help you understand your coverage options, you’re in the right place! Our team is experienced and well versed in our wide range of products and can work with you to help you find the policy that is just right for your unique and individual needs.

We love taking the time to get to know you and learning about your life! The more details you give us the better we will be able to serve you. When we meet, we want to get to know as much as we can about your family, your business, your hobbies and interests, and, most importantly, how we can help meet your insurance needs today and for the future!

At GMM Insurance, our team of qualified agents is specially trained to see and assess the risks that you face in your everyday life and insure you, your assets, and your loved ones appropriately against those risks.

After we meet you and learn about your life and your unique needs, our team will get to work on writing the perfect policy for you, without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.

We understand that as the seasons of life change, your insurance needs may also change. Our agents will work with you to review your policies and needs frequently to make sure that you’re always covered, even when the unexpected comes your way.

Consult with Experts

Marilyn, Steve, and the rest of the team are more than happy to meet with you to offer their expertise. In fact, we can help design an insurance program that will protect your family's assets, your earning power, and your future. By getting to know one another personally, we can help you pick the right insurance coverage for all your needs.